Best Silicone Based Foundations

This best silicone based foundations reviews will give you a close look at the feature and quality of the mostly recommended products. Check it out
If you’re severe concerning your make-up assortment, you might possess become aware of the condition “silicon located” like “silicon located groundwork” or even “silicon located guide”.

Plastic is actually a popular component in make-up items. When you check out the tag of your make-up, “silicon” is actually never ever detailed as a component.

What is actually a Silicone Based Foundation?

A silicon located groundwork is actually a make-up base that mostly features plastics like Dimethicone as well as Cyclomethicone. Silicon structures normally possess these 2 elements provided on top of its own active ingredients listing.

The objective of this particular article is actually to provide you an easy overview on selecting the very best silicone based foundations. Silicon Based Foundations are actually except everybody. You need to make sure that your skin layer kind appropriates for this sort of groundwork (I are going to specify eventually in this particular message).

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

Decide on coming from any kind of one of Estee Lauder’s very well-liked 28 tones of Stay-In-Place make-up when you need to have 15 hrs of wear and tear coming from your base. It’ll stand up versus fading and also smearing no matter moisture, warmth, as well as also physical exertion that triggers sweating– all while thinking clean as well as light-weight. And also, it is actually created without oils or even scents, making it a really good prospect for breakout-prone as well as delicate skin layer.


The Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation is actually suggested to provide your skin layer a quite, soft appearance while moisturizing dry out skin layer. Includes SPF 18 as well as go without creating rough spots a lot more noticeable.

I must state it is actually extremely inexpensive, which is actually constantly a significant incentive, and also within this instance it is actually certainly not a negative item either! That will’ve recognized?

Because it provides you a wet appearance it is actually much better for those along with possibility for dry skin, if you’re extremely oily you could intend to go with the matte model. This groundwork provides really good insurance coverage while still appearing organic. You can not find anything better than this best silicone based foundations. 

Dermablend Flawless Creator Multi-Use Liquid Foundation.

Everything advised through Oprah is actually an essential– everything advised through Oprah andwinning honors coming from Allure, our experts’ll take 3, feel free to! Making use of 1 decline for lightweight insurance coverage and also 4 for complete insurance coverage, foam on this high-performance base with no concern of the formula given that it is actually oil-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and also vegan. For the coverage, it is the best silicone based foundations. 


One more tough challenger within this plastic located base listing is actually the Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation. It is actually tool to total protection, hydrating as well as light-weight, as well as is actually meant to last throughout the day (or even, you understand, 15 hrs).

Depending on to customer reviews this holds true, and also along with the many colour alternatives you’ll simply locate one that matches your complexion. Several of the consumers saw recall when taking images along with a flash to make sure that is something to remember. If you require a groundwork that does not need touch-ups this might be actually the one.

Maximum Factor Lasting Performance Make-Up.

This structure is actually recognized online as being one of the very best items on the market. Although it is actually certainly not the best pricey, it possesses a lot more high quality than the pricey higher course ones which are actually occasionally three-way or even dual the cost of the groundwork.

After request, my skin layer really feels actually satiny, the tinting on my skin layer is actually definitely wonderful and also it fills up lines remarkably. I strongly advise it, it possesses an organic appeal given that it combinations effortlessly along with the colour of your skin layer as well as does not stand up out or even appear oily.

How To Choose The Best Organic Toner For You?

Irrespective of skin layer kind, printer toner is actually a crucial part of any sort of healthy skin care schedule. Typical skin toners are actually developed along with rough substances that can likely aggravate or even remove our skin layer of the dampness that it needs to have to appear its own absolute best. Or Perhaps much worse, they could possibly complicate existing skin layer complications!

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The most ideal natural cartridge and toners are actually made along with organic active ingredients that can easily supply a healthy and balanced dosage of vital nutrients to our skin layer, in addition to a much-needed improvement of moisture to completely dry skin layer styles. Coming from hydrating as well as relaxing our skin layer, to eliminating make-up as well as harmonizing pH, a fantastic all natural laser toner can easily function surprises for clearing up and also strengthening the skin layer’s general ailment.

Seeking the best organic toner for your skin? Let’s check out this article for the list and all useful tips to choose the one that suit for you.

Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator

It may provide completely dry skin layer a much-needed improvement of moisture. This hydrating potion addresses a strong combo of nutrient and also antioxidant-rich active ingredients like aloe vera, marula, ocean, as well as licorice buckthorn to offer the skin layer a vibrant, plump appeal. The very best component is actually the wonderful marshmallow fragrance! The best smell ever, the best organic toner ever!

Fermented Rice Water Toner

This is actually a prime instance of just how a high quality skin toner can easily carry out like a much more enhanced skin layer care therapy. Capable to illuminate, relax, and also re-hydrate, this cartridge and toner formula beats all the containers for acquiring beautiful skin layer. The foundation of typically skin-lightening white colored mulberry water rinses out away regular pollutants, while infusing tone-balancing nutrients right into hyper-pigmented or even plain skin layer. For its safe and natural ingredient, it is the best organic toner.


Real Botanicals all natural printer toner possesses both oil-fighting and also super-hydrating components that are going to get rid of and also relax your skin layer. Certainly not just is this printer toner a superstar for those along with imperfection vulnerable skin layer- it can likewise be actually the ideal all natural printer toner for delicate skin layer. 


Great for dry out and also getting older skin layer styles, this natural hydrating cartridge and toner will certainly increase bovine collagen manufacturing. Environment-friendly apple stalk tissues and also organic retinol will definitely secure as well as plump skin layer which is the best organic toner. 


The Jasmine Garden all natural printer toner is actually a should for those along with imperfection susceptible skin layer. I individually adore all of May Lindstrom items and also this laser toner is actually splendid at both soothing and also invigorating the skin layer!

How to choose the best organic toner for your skin?

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The crucial to locating your finest all-natural cartridge and toner is actually determining your skin layer style. Receive true along your skin layer and after that research the leading active souces your skin layer is actually desire.

If own oil skin, try to find components that aid command and also clear away oil along with natural, mild astringents. These active ingredients are actually heading to strive to harmonize oil creation without any worry about dryness. Try to find organic skin toners along with sorcerer auburn, increased aqua, apple cider white vinegar, eco-friendly herbal tea, and also mint!

You wish to appear for a natural skin toner along with hydrating active ingredients if your skin layer is actually consistently on the clothes dryer edge or even it is actually much more fully grown. Believe: aloe vera, natural honey, algae, veggie glycerin, as well as hyaluronic acid.

Your skin layer is actually tremendously delicate or even you experience soreness you will certainly really want to appear for an organic cartridge and toner along with comforting herb components.. These feature: cucumber, increased water, lavender, and also aloe vera.

Do you obsess with your pore? You are going to adore an all-natural laser toner along with highly effective all natural active ingredients like herbal tea plant vital oil, climbed important oil, and also willow skin. 

You likewise really want a natural laser toner along with an organic astringent like sorcerer auburn. These active ingredients are going to ruin poor microorganisms while placing your pH right into equilibrium- and also is actually the formula for crystal clear skin layer (6 ).

Just how to use the Best Organic Toner?

Congratses on selecting your brand-new BFF– a professional all natural skin laser toner! Right now you’ll only require an easy refresher course on the perform’s and also dont’s of utilization it!

Constantly clean skin layer just before toning, to be sure the majority of filth and also oil has actually been actually gotten rid of

Do not entirely dry out your skin layer after purifying, prior to toning. Carefully patting deal with a towel to take out excess water is actually great, however leaving behind a little bit of water at the rear of is going to enable your skin toner to soak up a lot more properly (and also enhance moisture).

Make use of a cotton pad or even round to relate to skin layer. Only produce certain your palms are actually tidy if you will somewhat pat the skin toner in to skin layer utilizing your palms.

Pump a fifty percent buck sized volume of skin toner onto cotton pad or even round, and also administer in delicate cleaning activities over your entire skin.

Carry out certainly not wash or even pat completely dry– enable your skin toner to sky dry out while it completely takes in to skin layer.

Observe your printer toner along with a product, face oil, eye lotion, as well as/ or even emollient.

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Over 50 Makeup Tutorial on CONCEALER

today we’re going to talk about how to wear concealer how to apply it and the very best makeup techniques for women over 50

Applying concealer as a woman over 50 is very different to applying concealer as a young woman for
us it’s all about fresh looking skin covering our imperfections yes but still
creating a look that looks natural and luminous and that’s what we’re going to learn about today I’m going to share my concealer tips class I’m going to share with you the tips that I learned from taking the Rae Morris master class last month.

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so let’s get started tip number one most of us are going to need two
colors for our concealer kit the first color is to be the exactly the same
color as your skin and that color is going to cover things like any bumps or
pimples or scarring or anything that’s raised on the skin and the second color
is a color that’s two shades lighter and that color is going to highlight and
lift and there’s a big difference between these two colors and the reason
we use them and it all makes perfect sense think about it in this way when
you add light to any part of your face or to anything it makes it bigger it
brings it forward okay which is what we want to do to some parts of our face but
think about wearing white swimwear you can be guaranteed for sure for sure that
every single lump and bump in your bottom and in your tummy and everywhere
is going to be magnified and you just know that’s going to happen so most of
us steer away from white as opposed to wearing a black swimsuit and everything
is smoothed out a little bit well the same goes with our face if you’ve got
something raised on your face like a pimple or some little marks or acne
scars if you add a light color highlight or if you add a light color concealer to
that it’s only going to bring it forward and as you move around in the light it’s
going to look the same as your bottom would look in a white swimsuit so we
want to steer away from that so choose a color that’s the exact same color as
your skin tone and then that is going to blend in with your skin and we use a
concealer with a high pigment so it’ll cover our pigmentation and any of those
marks that we want to conceal but we don’t want to bring attention to it I’m
going to show you today this is called derma color by Kryolan and it’s a wax
based concealer and it’s a hundred percent coverage but if you sheer it out
it gives you the most perfect coverage and it will cover any of your spots so
just take the mirror and go over the little spots on your face after you’ve
applied your foundation and anything that foundation hasn’t covered you go on
with a highly pigmented concealer okay so that’s got anything that’s raised
above my skin has been blended in with the same color and the next shade that
we use is going to be one or two shades lighter and its job is to make bring
forward and highlight and get rid of all the red and purple undertones that are
under our eyes around our nose and anything else on your face that’s uneven
keep in mind that as we’re getting older we like to keep it more subtle and more
natural-looking and it’s okay to have little bits of pigment and leave our
little freckles and things like that show through because that’s you that’s
natural and that’s beautiful and even our lines like I showed you with the
foundation video buff out the foundation so that it’s not packed up around your
wrinkles and that’ll really help with minimizing any risk of foundation or
product or concealer in this case settling into your fine lines but this
step I use the Too Faced Born This Way concealer and this one is also very high
pigment a tiny tiny little bit goes very long way and don’t do this because
if the amount of product on here it’s just going to pack it onto your face and
then there’s going to be a very big difference between the natural glow of
your foundation and the heavy highly pigmented concealer and now we’re going
to highlight the parts of our face that we’d like to bring forward and these are
raised tips so first of all you go here in the socket so this part for many of
us says what aging sinks in and what we want to do is add light to it to make it
look like it’s as big as the rest of our face so for you just check where that is
you may not have any sinking but I do right here and in here where your eyes
are very dark now you may have a lot of discoloration around here and if you do
continue putting concealer under here we don’t want to add so much though that
it’s going to be thick and heavy because you’re going to notice that when you
walk out into the Sun and another one of rays tips is stay within the socket part
because when you go out into the light into the daylight all of this is brought
forward so there’s no definition between the hollow and what you’re trying to
bring forward and your cheek which is already forward so the illusion is you
create light around here and then that will come out and join where your cheek
is so the hollow will be diffused also around the nose because we get shadows
here but the shadow is very aging so we can get rid of that and then also here
and the reason we do this part is because we want to bring our chin
forward because as we get older like our Tunes kind of go up like that like an
old lady chin if we didn’t want that and that’s something we can avoid by adding
a little bit of light to bring it forward and Ray told the story of her
friend who’s a plastic surgeon he said that the nose and the
chin like to meet up as we’re getting older they want to get close to each
other so that’s why we do it here fun fact and the other area is here
around the Elevens and she said the reason we do this is
because our foreheads flatten out I’ve had Botox here in the Elevens but I
haven’t up here and I find I’ve got a really big Ridge going down my forehead
so yeah I don’t know if it’s flattened out it’s kind of falling in for me but
anyway this is where she said to put the concealer and you can give this a try
and let me know if you already wear it here and if that works for you so there
you go there’s the points to put your concealer then you go in and you can
either tap it in with your fingers which you’re warming up the product and
tapping it in or you can go over with a Beauty Blender that’s done and really
get that in we don’t want to be able to notice that you’ve got concealer on your
face needs to look flawless and tapping everything in and making sure that it
blends in with all of your other makeup that’s all you need to do use concealer
sparingly as you’re getting older use it only to get rid of those bumps and the
redness and the purple under your eyes and that’s all we need because we don’t
want to mask our face and sometimes concealing particularly the way the
young girls do it with this giant big triangle and it’s kind of like layers
and layers and layers of thick makeup and that doesn’t allow for natural
glowing skin okay so once you’ve done that if you are going to apply a powder
the smallest smallest amount I’m going to use the RCM a colorless powder this
is very very good and you can use your Beauty Blender and
you know only the tiniest amount because you don’t want to add more
layers to where your creases are use a colorless powder because if you’re going
to use powder with color in it the color is going to be more color on top of your
color on top of your color and it takes away from the natural look tiny tiny
tiny little bits and that’s all you need to do a couple of great colors for my
skin color is the NARS 2.5 radiance concealer that’s really good for getting
rid of the red and purple sort of discoloration under my eyes or in this
way two-faced this one’s light beige and get a little
bit of a brightening effect to your color because there’s so many colors you
can choose from so one or two shades lighter that’s a bit brightening and the
curl in is d 51 and also D 56 is a very good color for matching a lot of
people’s skin tones so those are three really good ones to use and my last tip
is if your concealer is creasing a lot use less of it and use a highly
pigmented concealer like these because if your concealer doesn’t have a high
pigment you need a lot more product to get the same coverage so tiny tiny bit
less of it blend out and you’re going to look flawless let me know if you’ve
tried the big triangle effect that all the young girls are doing and let me
know if it worked for you please give a thumbs up

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11 Tips to Always Look Stylish

I am sharing 11 tips on how to always look good, how to always look stylish and how to always look put together.

1. Have your hair look styled

Having your hair styled and looking good is a very easy way to make or break your outfit. You can have the cutest outfit but if your hair is like acting a fool, looking a mess, then it really can just change how your outfit looks. What I like to do is because I definitely don’t have time to style my hair everyday nor would I want to because heat is just so bad for your hair. On Sunday I curl my hair or straighten it and I just try to keep it for the whole week. Recently I did an experiment to see how long I could go without washing my hair, see how long I could maintain the style. I actually went 10 days and my hair was still curled. I just try to style my hair once a week and towards the end of the week where my hair is starting to get oilier, I’ll just touch up with some dry shampoo or also doing some updos. The smallest bit of effort to look like you did something to your hair, to make it look like it’s styled or done whether it’s a messy bun, whether it’s just a braid or a ponytail, which can make all the difference from looking a mess to looking put together.

Check up latest hair trends at

2. Invest in good undergarments.

This tip is so crucial and I can honestly say that I’ve had this happen to me before. Make sure you have a good bra. If you have an older bra and it’s starting to do the thing with the lines, shows through your outfit, and you’re having spillage, or your bra is too big, it can make you look lumpy and frumpy. Make sure you invest in some good quality bras that look good on you, that feel good on you and look good under your clothes.

 3. The front tuck

The front tuck is literally my best friend. I love doing the front tuck. I do it with almost every single outfit because I just feel like it really changes the appearance of your outfit and it’s just a way to look instantly more chic. I don’t know why such a simple easy thing makes you look more chic, trendier, and more stylish but it just does. The front tuck also makes you look a little taller and a little slimmer because you are getting that extra inch or two of jean space so it’s elongating your legs, making you look tall.

4. Put your outfits together the night before.

This does take a little bit more time and effort but it can really pay off especially if in the mornings you’re on a rush and you never really have time to pick out an outfit or put something together or try multiple outfits on. If you spend just the 5 or 10 minutes the night before picking out your outfit, it will ensure that you never have the awful situation of just throwing on something and then going about your day and realizing that you hate what you’re wearing, you feel uncomfortable, you feel awkward and it’s just not something you like to wear. By picking out your outfit the night before, that will never happen ever again. You will have intentionally chosen your outfit, probably have tried it on, know you liked it and then you go about your day and you don’t have that rush panic mode in the morning and all as well. You are guaranteed to have a well-put-together stylish outfit.

5. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle free

Wrinkled clothes just scream ‘I’m a mess, I just picked this up off the floor, threw it on, I woke up late’. Wearing wrinkled clothes just puts you on that fast track to looking not so stylish. If you are super busy and don’t always have the time to hang up your laundry from the dryer right away or iron your clothes it’s totally cool, neither do I. I hate ironing. Sometimes my clothes sit in the dryer for like 2 or 3 days before I remember that they’re in the dryer. If this is also you, I have two hacks for you. The first hack is to invest in a steamer. I have one and I’ve used it so many times and it comes in so clutch. Sometimes in the morning I’m just in such a rush I didn’t realize that my shirt was wrinkly and now I have to get ready but I don’t have time to iron it. Now that I have this steamer all I do is I turn it on right before I’m about to go brush my teeth and by the time I’m done brushing my teeth the steamer is like ready to start steaming.

I hang up my outfit on the built-in hanger and I just spend like three to five minutes steaming it and once I’m done doing whatever part of my morning routine I need to finish before I leave, my shirt is dry, wrinkle free and looking good. My second hack is for when you’re really, really short on time, you don’t have time to steam or you just don’t have the money to buy a steamer which is also totally fine the hack is to hang your outfit piece on a hanger and put it in the shower while you’re showering. Close the bathroom door, turn up the water temperature to super-hot. The whole bathroom turns into a steam room and your garment unwrinkles itself. The only problem with this is sometimes it gets a little too damp in there and your shirt just gets really damp so if you don’t have time to dry it out, you might end up wearing a damp shirt.

6. Add a jacket or coat and layer

Adding layers to your outfit will always just give a very classy vibe, a very put-together and polished vibe. It makes you look like you’ve really tried with your outfit even if it is just all basics and a nice coat.

7. Wear one expensive-looking piece.

Expensive-looking accessories add all the chicness, all the trendiness to an outfit. Because I like to ball on a budget, I don’t like to break the bank. I just get expensive-looking accessories. I never ever really buy expensive things. I rarely will drop a large amount of money on something unless it’s something I really thought about getting. Unless it’s something I really want and have been saving up for that’s a little different, but otherwise I can’t justify spending like three hundred and fifty dollars on a Gucci belt. I can’t. I don’t have that kind of money so my hack for this is to look for expensive-looking pieces that resemble the timeless pieces that designers put out. Because they’re so timeless and based on basics, that piece will always just look so chic and so classy. For example, the very famous Gucci belt that everybody is wearing right now, I can’t buy that, it’s way too expensive. But I am currently wearing this belt that is very similar in structure and in color and just kind of in style. Even though this belt was nowhere near the price of a Gucci belt, the fact that it is similar in appearance makes me look timeless and classy and makes me look like I have expensive clothes.

8. Wear clothing that fits well

Wearing something that fits well, especially to the point where it looks like it was tailored and made for you, will make you look so good and so stylish. Wearing ill-fitting clothing is just a bad idea for so many reasons. It doesn’t look good, it’s not flattering. What you can do for this one is really analyze not only your body shape and your body type but also your silhouette. I found it very difficult and frustrating at many times to figure out what looks good on you and it’s the worst feeling when you see something cute and you love a certain trend or style and it just doesn’t look good on you. Just face those facts and find something that looks even better and slay with them.

9. Use those accessories

Adding accessories to an outfit will just truly level up your outfit. When I say accessorize, I don’t just mean like earrings and a necklace, I mean accessorize with like sunglasses, belts, hats, scarves. There is so much variety when it comes to accessorizing. You just have to play around with what looks good with you, what looks good with your outfit and have some fun.

10. Basics ain’t basic.

When all else fails, when you just cannot come up with an outfit, if you were just stuck and you can’t create anything or put anything together and everything just looks bad, when in doubt wear basics. Try all black or all white or wearing an all basics outfit. Quick example – a denim jacket, a white t-shirt, black jeans and black boots. Front tuck the shirt, add a necklace, add some earrings, maybe a scarf and boom, you have an effortless looking stylish outfit.

11. Wear what feels comfortable and what you feel comfortable in

Make sure that whatever you wear not only feels comfortable, like physically feels comfortable, but you also feel comfortable in it. It is the worst thing to wear something just because it’s stylish or trendy and then you feel insecure or not confident because it’s not something you would typically wear or it makes you feel self-conscious. You definitely don’t want that.

Confidence is like 50% of an outfit. You can look busted but if you are working it, if you are selling it then it looks like you intentionally look busted. If you don’t feel comfortable in something, don’t wear it. If you don’t feel confident in something, don’t wear it. Wear things that you look good in, you feel good in.

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Ordering Clothes that FIT

Ordering Clothes that FIT

We’re gonna talk about how to properly measure yourself an order clothes online. I know shopping online can be difficult but being able to measure yourself correctly and understand size guides can really help you get clothes that fit.

Best Dressing Styles for Women 2019

The most important thing to know is your bust waist and hip measurements because this is what almost any size guide will use so to take your bust measurement. You first want to wear this style of bra that you typically wear or that you will be wearing under the kind of item you’re buying you want to take your bust measurement at the fullest part of your bust and you should be at a neutral breathing position so not breathing really in or really out you also want to make sure the tape measure is straight across your front sides and back.

It’s helpful to stand in front of a mirror or have somebody help you and you want to make sure the tape measure is snug but not pressing in next is your waist measurement. That should be taken at your narrowest part again it’s really important to be in a neutral position so not sucking in or anything and make sure the tape is straight across the final measurement is your hips.

You want to take this at the fullest part again making sure it’s straight across and snug but not pressing in at all so now that you have your three measurements you can compare them to the brand size chart which will give you a range of measurements to determine what size or sizes you fit into.

You might find you fit into different sizes for different areas so then it’s important to look into the sizes that matter most for the kind of garment you’re ordering so for example if you have a small bust but you’re a medium and the hips and you’re ordering pants obviously the bust measurement doesn’t really matter and it’s important to look at your waist and hip measurements.

Let’s say you’re ordering a fitted dress and you’re a small bust but a medium hips now you always want to order garments to fit the widest part of you because it’s generally pretty easy to take things in but if a piece is too tight there’s usually not a lot of options you should also look at where you are in the size range so for example if you’re one size at your bust and waist but you’re a size up at your hips but right at the edge of that size range you’re probably still okay sizing down unless it’s a super tailored garment.

Depending on the style of the garment different measurements are gonna be more or less important and you always want to look at where it is the most fitted and that’s the most important measurement to get the fit right. For example if you’re ordering a dress that has a really fitted bodice but a flowy skirt your bust and waist measurements are going to be very important but your hip measurements won’t be as important because there will be a lot of room in the skirt so you’ll always want to consider the fit of the garment when determining what size you’ll need and it’s also a good idea to look and see if the garment has any spandex or stretch.

Because especially if you’re between sizes having some stretch in the fabric will give you more flexibility it’s also a really good idea to read through the comments in the description and see if there’s anything about the item fitting small or large additionally if you have a specific fit issue so maybe shoulders are usually too tight or sleeves are too short you can try contacting the brand and getting that exact measurement so maybe the sleeve length of the garment and that will help when you’re ordering now although measuring yourself correctly and considering the fit of the garment can definitely help you get the right size sometimes things are just not going to fit so it’s always a good idea to look into brands return policies and if you’re worried stick with materials that have some stretch or Jersey knits because they offer a lot more flexibility with fit so now something that has always bothered me is the standardized sizing used in fashion.

It can be very difficult and cost a lot of money for brands to do different sizing because of the work and resources needed to survey people and develop new fits so I had this idea to create a new standard and show slow fashion brands the kind of sizes needed and help them with some of the legwork of developing fits but this only works with your help.

I think this is something really needed I am tired of seeing conscious brands come up with the same very limited sizing and is also really disappointing how many times I hear from people that they want to shop consciously but they can’t find their sizes or that they want to order things online but they have so many fit issues because their body type it’s completely ridiculous that fashion is essentially still only being made for one body shape.

I think together we can change that and we can give brands data about what sizes and body types conscious consumers.

Jewelry Box and Organizer Review

best jewelry organizer aliexpress

It’s another jewelry box by Songmics. This one quite a different style than I’ve seen before and I thought you might find it interesting, especially if you have jewelry to store. So this is the jewelry box that I’m going to review for you today. It’s kind of a different design. It’s lockable and it’s interesting that it all is contained in one case. It’s got lots of different places for your jewelry and I’m going to go over that and show you some of the different features now.

So here’s a top view of the jewelry box and like I mentioned before, it’s lockable. You just squeeze these two pieces in and then it opens up and they’ve included the keys here. I mean it’s not safe from safe crackers or something, but it does lock and keep it somewhat protected. And let’s see, you can see there is a mirror (and a lovely view of the tripod) and then a lot of very nice small compartments.

If you have a lot of rings or small items there’s plenty of room here. These dividers pop out. As I mentioned in my previous review, when you pop out the dividers it does leave a little bit, I’ll change this light for you, there we go. It does leave a little bit of the cardboard showing on the side, but at least you’re able to move these out and that way you can change the size of, the size of these compartments.

They are very small so if you have a lot of small things that’s great. I’m not 100% certain what these are about. What I think it is is a cushion so you can put something in there and then tuck these in and it will keep it protected if you’re traveling with your jewelry. There’s a little pocket right here to tuck things into and then down on the bottom, I’ll pull that out so you can see it better, there’s two drawers and these are nice. These are for putting special watches or bracelets or something that needs to be wrapped around something to keep its shape. You have two of those.

We can tuck them in here and another drawer. And then this is interesting. There’s a ribbon right here that will help you pop this out and then you have a separate case, which again, it’s almost like a miniature jewelry box. Places for rings, a place to protect something, a little itty bitty mirror and little tiny divided sections that you can pull those out of if you need to.

This is really nice if you’re traveling with just a couple small pieces of jewelry. That’s fantastic or if you just want to keep something special separate in here. See, that’s very nice and that all tucks neatly into that drawer and then there’s this very shallow drawer with bigger compartments, which I have to say for my taste I prefer larger compartments and fewer of them.

I have spent a lot of time organizing in my life and I think it gives you more flexibility. This is funny: as I was first looking at this jewelry box, I’m thinking, “Wow, there’s a lot of wasted space on the sides. Look how thick that is.” And then I said, “Oh”. See those snap and unsnap and now you have a whole other section. These are little metal tabs. You don’t want to bend and unbend those too many times, but you can tuck in a bracelet. You can tuck in the hooks of earrings and then this little pocket down here catches any part that might be too long and protects it. And you have the exact same thing on the other side.

Now I happen to be giving this jewelry box as a gift to someone who I know their taste in jewelry tends to run more towards the delicate and dainty and so I think this will be really ideal for that person who shall not be named in case they’re watching my videos, but I think that they’ll enjoy this. For me, I think I prefer something with bigger compartments like I said, but overall it’s nice. It’s a cardboard base construction, but it seems firm enough and if you’re just going to use it to keep your jewelry stored and neat and tidy, I think it’s a pretty nice jewelry box.

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Where to SHOP in PARIS

shopping in paris

Paris is an exquisite city –it is a blend of fashion, romance, and trend. It has always been the centre of the world in countless ways –it is famous for its wine, cheese, and romance. It is not very hard to fall in love with Paris, and once you are there, it is very hard to resist the urge to shop and buy everything so as to preserve the memory of the city forever.

Ever since the famous department stores opened in France, shopping in Paris has been a grandiose affair! Whether it is shopping for books or clothes or food, Paris has the best to offer. The streets are lines with markets, stores, and boutiques. There are shops with haute couture and then are flea markets. All in all, shopping in Paris is a great experience.

It can be tricky deciding where to shop when you are in Paris, and so here is a thoughtfully compiled list of the top five places to shop in Paris.

  • Avenue des Champs Elysées

A boulevard in the 8th arrondissement, Avenue des Champs Elysées, has a splendid view of the Arc de Triomphe. One of the most famous shopping streets of Paris, the Avenue is lined with innumerable shops that offer great assortment. Even though the Avenue is long and huge, you can find almost anything that you are looking for –be it jewelry, food, clothes, or souvenirs. Although you can drive on the street, it is recommended that you explore the avenue by foot. Not only will this help you see the shops better, it will also ensure that you do not miss out on any kind of cultural event taking place in the area. It is a great place for window shopping too, and you can admire world-class cars and international fashion. A day can comfortably be spent here, strolling and visiting the monuments nearby. When in Pairs, do not forget to shop here!

  • Formus des Halles

Located in the 1st arrondissement, Les Halles was originally Paris’s central fresh-food market. Today it is a modern, subterranean mall, located in the heart of an underground railway hub. On an average, Les Halles attracts 150,000 visitors daily. This mall is built on several levels and houses almost all kinds of shops. It has plazas, restaurants, boutiques, and cafes. It is not very cheap, but is popular because it is convenient. Almost everything that you are looking for can be found in this mall. At present Les Halles is undergoing a major redevelopment. After the renovation is completed in 2018, Les Halles is expected to have its own gardens, media library, centre of cultural hip-hop, and a Mozart conservatory. When you are in Paris, you just cannot miss shopping here. A word of caution, though –the place does have some notorious reputation amongst the locals. It is not recommended to visit the mall afterhours. Nevertheless, it is dearly loved and is a shopping paradise!

  • Saint Michel and Saint Germain Boulevards

The area around these perpendicular boulevards houses La Sorbonne, the historical edifice of the University of Paris. It is this university atmosphere that gives these boulevards a young, laidback kind of flavour. The St. Germain market is like a shopping centre, just larger. It has a traditional food market and is filled with lively pubs, restaurants, cafes, and exquisite book and art stores. The area is also full of stories –this place had always been the hub of intelligentsia. Whether it was Hemingway or Miller, it is here that thoughts and philosophies found expression. When you are in Paris, don’t forget to visit and shop here! You will find wonderful books, lovely cafes, and a different flavour of the Paris life.

  • Rue Cler

Located in the 7th arrondissement between the Champ de Mars gardens and the Esplanade des Invalides, this area has a quaint charm. It has a pedestrian market lined with lush gardens, excellent boutiques, and wonderful food shops. Rue Cler in particular is great for food shopping. It is here that you will find La Sablaise Poissonerie, possibly the finest fish merchant in Paris. The neighbourhood also has excellent cheese and wine shops. You can also find wonderful chocolatiers here! When tired from shopping, you can relax and unwind in the lively and lovely Champ de Mars Park. All said and done, Rue Cler has to be on your top five places to shop in Paris!

  • Le Passage du Havre

One of the many infamous covered passages of France, Le Passage du Havre is a shopping arcade located in the 9thArrondissement. Housing lots and lots of shops, the arcade is the place to shop when in Paris!

It has everything from branded showrooms to local jewelry, accessories, and shoes. The Passage du Havre is very famous for its electronic market –it is your go-to shopping place if you are looking for gadgets. It is definitely one of the largest stores for electronics. When you are tired, the arcade has a garden to offer and the Terrasses du Passage. It also has (nicely) working escalators to take you around the entire arcade. Le Passage du Havre was recently renovated in 2012, which has only added to the awesomeness of this place! When in Paris, this should be on your shopping bucket list for sure.

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