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Best Women Clothing Stores on Aliexpress

Ordering Clothes that FIT

Ordering Clothes that FIT

We’re gonna talk about how to properly measure yourself an order clothes online. I know shopping online can be difficult but being able to measure yourself correctly and understand size guides can really help you get clothes that fit.

Best Dressing Styles for Women 2019

The most important thing to know is your bust waist and hip measurements because this is what almost any size guide will use so to take your bust measurement. You first want to wear this style of bra that you typically wear or that you will be wearing under the kind of item you’re buying you want to take your bust measurement at the fullest part of your bust and you should be at a neutral breathing position so not breathing really in or really out you also want to make sure the tape measure is straight across your front sides and back.

It’s helpful to stand in front of a mirror or have somebody help you and you want to make sure the tape measure is snug but not pressing in next is your waist measurement. That should be taken at your narrowest part again it’s really important to be in a neutral position so not sucking in or anything and make sure the tape is straight across the final measurement is your hips.

You want to take this at the fullest part again making sure it’s straight across and snug but not pressing in at all so now that you have your three measurements you can compare them to the brand size chart which will give you a range of measurements to determine what size or sizes you fit into.

You might find you fit into different sizes for different areas so then it’s important to look into the sizes that matter most for the kind of garment you’re ordering so for example if you have a small bust but you’re a medium and the hips and you’re ordering pants obviously the bust measurement doesn’t really matter and it’s important to look at your waist and hip measurements.

Let’s say you’re ordering a fitted dress and you’re a small bust but a medium hips now you always want to order garments to fit the widest part of you because it’s generally pretty easy to take things in but if a piece is too tight there’s usually not a lot of options you should also look at where you are in the size range so for example if you’re one size at your bust and waist but you’re a size up at your hips but right at the edge of that size range you’re probably still okay sizing down unless it’s a super tailored garment.

Depending on the style of the garment different measurements are gonna be more or less important and you always want to look at where it is the most fitted and that’s the most important measurement to get the fit right. For example if you’re ordering a dress that has a really fitted bodice but a flowy skirt your bust and waist measurements are going to be very important but your hip measurements won’t be as important because there will be a lot of room in the skirt so you’ll always want to consider the fit of the garment when determining what size you’ll need and it’s also a good idea to look and see if the garment has any spandex or stretch.

Because especially if you’re between sizes having some stretch in the fabric will give you more flexibility it’s also a really good idea to read through the comments in the description and see if there’s anything about the item fitting small or large additionally if you have a specific fit issue so maybe shoulders are usually too tight or sleeves are too short you can try contacting the brand and getting that exact measurement so maybe the sleeve length of the garment and that will help when you’re ordering now although measuring yourself correctly and considering the fit of the garment can definitely help you get the right size sometimes things are just not going to fit so it’s always a good idea to look into brands return policies and if you’re worried stick with materials that have some stretch or Jersey knits because they offer a lot more flexibility with fit so now something that has always bothered me is the standardized sizing used in fashion.

It can be very difficult and cost a lot of money for brands to do different sizing because of the work and resources needed to survey people and develop new fits so I had this idea to create a new standard and show slow fashion brands the kind of sizes needed and help them with some of the legwork of developing fits but this only works with your help.

I think this is something really needed I am tired of seeing conscious brands come up with the same very limited sizing and is also really disappointing how many times I hear from people that they want to shop consciously but they can’t find their sizes or that they want to order things online but they have so many fit issues because their body type it’s completely ridiculous that fashion is essentially still only being made for one body shape.

I think together we can change that and we can give brands data about what sizes and body types conscious consumers.

Jewelry Box and Organizer Review

best jewelry organizer aliexpress

It’s another jewelry box by Songmics. This one quite a different style than I’ve seen before and I thought you might find it interesting, especially if you have jewelry to store. So this is the jewelry box that I’m going to review for you today. It’s kind of a different design. It’s lockable and it’s interesting that it all is contained in one case. It’s got lots of different places for your jewelry and I’m going to go over that and show you some of the different features now.

So here’s a top view of the jewelry box and like I mentioned before, it’s lockable. You just squeeze these two pieces in and then it opens up and they’ve included the keys here. I mean it’s not safe from safe crackers or something, but it does lock and keep it somewhat protected. And let’s see, you can see there is a mirror (and a lovely view of the tripod) and then a lot of very nice small compartments.

If you have a lot of rings or small items there’s plenty of room here. These dividers pop out. As I mentioned in my previous review, when you pop out the dividers it does leave a little bit, I’ll change this light for you, there we go. It does leave a little bit of the cardboard showing on the side, but at least you’re able to move these out and that way you can change the size of, the size of these compartments.

They are very small so if you have a lot of small things that’s great. I’m not 100% certain what these are about. What I think it is is a cushion so you can put something in there and then tuck these in and it will keep it protected if you’re traveling with your jewelry. There’s a little pocket right here to tuck things into and then down on the bottom, I’ll pull that out so you can see it better, there’s two drawers and these are nice. These are for putting special watches or bracelets or something that needs to be wrapped around something to keep its shape. You have two of those.

We can tuck them in here and another drawer. And then this is interesting. There’s a ribbon right here that will help you pop this out and then you have a separate case, which again, it’s almost like a miniature jewelry box. Places for rings, a place to protect something, a little itty bitty mirror and little tiny divided sections that you can pull those out of if you need to.

This is really nice if you’re traveling with just a couple small pieces of jewelry. That’s fantastic or if you just want to keep something special separate in here. See, that’s very nice and that all tucks neatly into that drawer and then there’s this very shallow drawer with bigger compartments, which I have to say for my taste I prefer larger compartments and fewer of them.

I have spent a lot of time organizing in my life and I think it gives you more flexibility. This is funny: as I was first looking at this jewelry box, I’m thinking, “Wow, there’s a lot of wasted space on the sides. Look how thick that is.” And then I said, “Oh”. See those snap and unsnap and now you have a whole other section. These are little metal tabs. You don’t want to bend and unbend those too many times, but you can tuck in a bracelet. You can tuck in the hooks of earrings and then this little pocket down here catches any part that might be too long and protects it. And you have the exact same thing on the other side.

Now I happen to be giving this jewelry box as a gift to someone who I know their taste in jewelry tends to run more towards the delicate and dainty and so I think this will be really ideal for that person who shall not be named in case they’re watching my videos, but I think that they’ll enjoy this. For me, I think I prefer something with bigger compartments like I said, but overall it’s nice. It’s a cardboard base construction, but it seems firm enough and if you’re just going to use it to keep your jewelry stored and neat and tidy, I think it’s a pretty nice jewelry box.

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Where to SHOP in PARIS

shopping in paris

Paris is an exquisite city –it is a blend of fashion, romance, and trend. It has always been the centre of the world in countless ways –it is famous for its wine, cheese, and romance. It is not very hard to fall in love with Paris, and once you are there, it is very hard to resist the urge to shop and buy everything so as to preserve the memory of the city forever.

Ever since the famous department stores opened in France, shopping in Paris has been a grandiose affair! Whether it is shopping for books or clothes or food, Paris has the best to offer. The streets are lines with markets, stores, and boutiques. There are shops with haute couture and then are flea markets. All in all, shopping in Paris is a great experience.

It can be tricky deciding where to shop when you are in Paris, and so here is a thoughtfully compiled list of the top five places to shop in Paris.

  • Avenue des Champs Elysées

A boulevard in the 8th arrondissement, Avenue des Champs Elysées, has a splendid view of the Arc de Triomphe. One of the most famous shopping streets of Paris, the Avenue is lined with innumerable shops that offer great assortment. Even though the Avenue is long and huge, you can find almost anything that you are looking for –be it jewelry, food, clothes, or souvenirs. Although you can drive on the street, it is recommended that you explore the avenue by foot. Not only will this help you see the shops better, it will also ensure that you do not miss out on any kind of cultural event taking place in the area. It is a great place for window shopping too, and you can admire world-class cars and international fashion. A day can comfortably be spent here, strolling and visiting the monuments nearby. When in Pairs, do not forget to shop here!

  • Formus des Halles

Located in the 1st arrondissement, Les Halles was originally Paris’s central fresh-food market. Today it is a modern, subterranean mall, located in the heart of an underground railway hub. On an average, Les Halles attracts 150,000 visitors daily. This mall is built on several levels and houses almost all kinds of shops. It has plazas, restaurants, boutiques, and cafes. It is not very cheap, but is popular because it is convenient. Almost everything that you are looking for can be found in this mall. At present Les Halles is undergoing a major redevelopment. After the renovation is completed in 2018, Les Halles is expected to have its own gardens, media library, centre of cultural hip-hop, and a Mozart conservatory. When you are in Paris, you just cannot miss shopping here. A word of caution, though –the place does have some notorious reputation amongst the locals. It is not recommended to visit the mall afterhours. Nevertheless, it is dearly loved and is a shopping paradise!

  • Saint Michel and Saint Germain Boulevards

The area around these perpendicular boulevards houses La Sorbonne, the historical edifice of the University of Paris. It is this university atmosphere that gives these boulevards a young, laidback kind of flavour. The St. Germain market is like a shopping centre, just larger. It has a traditional food market and is filled with lively pubs, restaurants, cafes, and exquisite book and art stores. The area is also full of stories –this place had always been the hub of intelligentsia. Whether it was Hemingway or Miller, it is here that thoughts and philosophies found expression. When you are in Paris, don’t forget to visit and shop here! You will find wonderful books, lovely cafes, and a different flavour of the Paris life.

  • Rue Cler

Located in the 7th arrondissement between the Champ de Mars gardens and the Esplanade des Invalides, this area has a quaint charm. It has a pedestrian market lined with lush gardens, excellent boutiques, and wonderful food shops. Rue Cler in particular is great for food shopping. It is here that you will find La Sablaise Poissonerie, possibly the finest fish merchant in Paris. The neighbourhood also has excellent cheese and wine shops. You can also find wonderful chocolatiers here! When tired from shopping, you can relax and unwind in the lively and lovely Champ de Mars Park. All said and done, Rue Cler has to be on your top five places to shop in Paris!

  • Le Passage du Havre

One of the many infamous covered passages of France, Le Passage du Havre is a shopping arcade located in the 9thArrondissement. Housing lots and lots of shops, the arcade is the place to shop when in Paris!

It has everything from branded showrooms to local jewelry, accessories, and shoes. The Passage du Havre is very famous for its electronic market –it is your go-to shopping place if you are looking for gadgets. It is definitely one of the largest stores for electronics. When you are tired, the arcade has a garden to offer and the Terrasses du Passage. It also has (nicely) working escalators to take you around the entire arcade. Le Passage du Havre was recently renovated in 2012, which has only added to the awesomeness of this place! When in Paris, this should be on your shopping bucket list for sure.

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Buying Chinese Projector from Aliexpress

best projector china

Best projectors to buy on Aliexpress

Teens Fashion as simple as ABC

teenage fashion trends

Adolescents are continually endeavoring to fit in with their companions and furthermore consistently endeavor to show an extraordinary feeling of being bold and trial with their clothing.

Top Teenage Fashion Trends by

Here are top ten outfits slanting for high schooler young ladies of 2018:

Stylish hues

Red Dresses

Denim texture

Harvest Tops

Off Shoulder Tops

Skater Skirts


Palazzo Trousers

Pizazz Skirts

Long Coats and Blazers

The apparel specified above outfits are drifting for young ladies. I prescribe you to purchase these charming outfits to remain popular. By wearing any of these outfits, one can give an alluring and pretty look to herself.

Here is a rundown of some contemporary garments that best suits the requirements and requests of dauntless and carefree teenagers.

Off shoulder tops :

From the runaway to the avenues, the off shoulder tops have calm effortlessly kicked up a chaos in 2018. These days popular tops are the most trendy decision among the youngsters.

Skater skirts:

Not another part in the high school form world, these enthusiastic skirt have made a rebound in the mold world and that as well, with a ground-breaking blast! Prior, wore in dark and darker calfskin textures as it were,

flared pants :

These lower leg length denims that give a trace of chime bottoms are the ideal denims for the youthful mold cognizant women. Accessible in wide shades and lower leg cuts like that of rough looking enumerating and crude edged cuts.

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Human vs Synthetic Hair Wig

hair wig review


The Pros:

1. Styling Versatility. Numerous human hair wigs can be shaded, permed and styled simply like your own hair. Remember that it is imperative to take your wig to a beautician who is knowledgeable about managing human hair wigs in the event that you wish to modify the style.

2. Surface. Human hair wigs arrive in an assortment of surfaces, so you can coordinate your own hair surface nearly.

3. Life span. With appropriate care, human hair wigs can most recent multi year or progressively when worn day by day.

4. Normal Look. Human hair wigs feel extraordinary and can look fantastically normal.

The Cons:

1. High Maintenance. Much the same as genuine hair, human hair wigs should be washed, profound molded and re-styled every now and again.

2. Cost. Since they are collected from human hair, they are commonly more costly.

3. Shading Variation. It is hard to repeat a correct shading when you supplant a human hair wig or wish to buy a go down of a similar style. Human hair wigs of a similar shading will shift marginally from wig to wig on the grounds that every wig contains hair gathered from numerous individuals.

4. Responds to Weather. Like your own particular hair would, human hair wigs respond to the climate and can wind up fuzzy, limp or dry contingent upon the climate.

5. Shading Fading. The shade of a human hair wig will oxidize or blur with introduction to light.

6. Delicate. The hair will bring about harm if subjected to unforgiving brushing, back-brushing or abuse of warmed styling instruments.

7. Weight. Human hair wigs can feel heavier than engineered wigs of a comparative length and style.

8. Styling. Human hair wigs are more work concentrated and require more exertion and aptitude to style.

Affordable Hair Wig Review on Aliexpress

Engineered WIGS

The Pros:

1. Simple Care. Engineered wigs are anything but difficult to deal with. Since engineered wigs have something many refer to as “style maintenance,” they never must be styled. You just wash, dry and afterward shake them out, and the wig will come back to its underlying style.

2. Style Memory. Manufactured wigs hold their style paying little heed to the climate.

3. Adaptable. You can experiment with different hues and styles without the need to see a hairdresser by buying various manufactured wigs.

4. Extensive Color Selection. Anything is possible where hues are concerned. You can look over a variety of common hues, and a few dream hues.

5. Cost. Engineered wigs are generally economical.

6. Low Maintenance. They require almost no upkeep. This is vital to consider in the event that you are encountering medical problems and not feeling great.

7. Normal Looking. In the event that obtaining a superb manufactured wig, it is exceptionally hard to differentiate between an engineered wig and one produced using genuine human hair.

The Cons:

1. Sparkle. Some economy or spending manufactured wigs (commonly those under $100) may have an unnatural sparkle.

2. Life span. Manufactured wigs and toppers don’t keep going as long as human hair wigs. They regularly last around 4-6 months with day by day wear.

3. Less Versatility. Manufactured wigs can’t be rectified or twisted with warmed styling apparatuses except if it is a particularly outlined “warmth well disposed” engineered wig.

4. Can’t Change Color. Recoloring isn’t prescribed for engineered wigs and conventional hair shading won’t cling to the strands.

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5 top ideas to buy gifts for your boyfriend

birthday gifts for men

On the off chance that you need to influence your beau to feel extraordinary, his birthday is the day to do it. Without a doubt, a blessings are pleasant, however a motion is something he won’t overlook. Show him you put time and exertion into giving him the ideal present and birthday encounter.

We’ve thought of some fun plans to make your sweetheart’s birthday something exceptional. It will be multi day he’ll always remember, on account of you!

Here are our 5 best birthday gifts for your men

1. Treat him

For what reason not cook your fella his most loved dinner? Or on the other hand in the event that you have an unreasonable dread of pots and dish, take him out to supper and get the tab. There’s a reason they say the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Pick an eatery he’s for a long while been itching to attempt, yet maybe never had the opportunity. The way that you focused and recalled will make the unexpected a great deal more exceptional.

2. Get tricky

Keep in mind when an indication of genuine romance was the endowment of a blended tape? Get with the circumstances ” make your sweetheart the 2013 proportional with a customized iTunes playlist, or plan a tweaked photograph collection or date-book and request it on the web. Endowments like these show you’ve invested energy and exertion, which’s will undoubtedly appreciate. For more imaginative birthday present thoughts, read: Creative Gifts for Your Boyfriend.

3. Plan an astonishment

A blast from the past however a treat, an unexpected gathering is the ideal method to praise his huge day. Regardless of whether it is anything but a point of reference birthday, treat it like one by picking a fun topic. It is safe to say that he is into Star Wars or Football? The more customized it is, the more he will value the idea you put into his extraordinary day.

4. Take a stab at something new

In the event that he’s constantly discussed needing to go wilderness boating or setting off to the orchestra, sort out it. Taking a stab at something new together is an incredible method to bond, and it demonstrates that you hear him out, as well as that you indicate activity and get things going.

5. Allow him multi year

The blessing continues giving: sign him up for a month to month membership of his most loved magazine, or select him in a wine club that sends containers and data consistently. Notwithstanding sharpening his pastime, it’ll be a month to month indication of his stunning and astute sweetheart.

Eyebrow Embroidery Removal – What you should know

eyerbrow embroidery removal

If you are not happy with the look of your eyebrows and want to look like a bit different, the best way to keep exactly as you want and that also in a low maintenance is eyebrow embroidery. But sometimes they go bad too and at the time you feel bad and praying for your eyebrows to be like before. So, here we can say that you don’t need to panic as there are certain ways to remove the eyebrow embroidery.
Natural Exfoliation Method: Some products available on the market are surely going to do your job along with some tried and tested natural remedies. People like the natural way most for the removal of eyebrow embroidery as we all know that the top layer of the skin is affected mainly by the eyebrow embroidery. There are facial exfoliating scrub, which you will get at any nearby drug store. It can perfectly lighten the embroidery by just exfoliating the area of eyebrow thrice a day. Though the laser removal is a much faster way to remove your eyebrow embroidery but if you want it done in a low budget and also want your skin to stay in perfect condition then this is the way for you.

Laser removal of eyebrow embroidery

The Laser removal of eyebrow embroidery is the most famous process so far. You will find a lot of similarities among tattoo removal and eyebrow embroidery removal. The only difference is that it takes a lot fewer sessions than the tattoo removal as tattoo removal is a much longer process. This perhaps the best process as with laser removal there is a very low chance that any embroidery will be visible. To get your eyebrow embroidery completely removed, you just have to give half an hour sitting for three to five days and you will be done. There are a lot of centers which offer the laser removal of eyebrow embroidery. You just have to choose wisely after checking the reviews.

The process is a bit painful. So, to minimize the pain and calm down the person a bit, the numbing cream is applied on the eyebrows just before the start of the process. Due to the use of the numbing cream, the pin is a lot lowered while the lasers are being used for the removal of eyebrow embroidery. This process is easy to handle and trustworthy. But one thing you must maintain during the process and that is the gap between the sessions. You must keep a gap of at least 1 month between the sessions so that it does not damage the hair follicles of your natural eyebrows, which can be damaged if they get any lesser waiting period than a month. In those sessions, complete embroidery will be removed depending on the skin tone of the individual. The process is a lot easier than tattoo removal so the eyebrow embroidery will be removed with guarantee. Now there is a suggestion for all the people who are thinking about whether to do eyebrow embroidery or eyebrow tattooing? The answer will be, if you are a person who likes changes all the time or even change their mind after some time, the recommendation for you will be eyebrow embroidery as the best thing about the eyebrow embroidery is they are not permanent, rather you can call them semi-permanent.

At last, we can say that the eyebrow embroidery process is a well-designed one for you so that people can get their own original look when they feel so. So for the thinkers, my suggestion will be not to worry before opting for it as you will not get stuck to it and you can change the whole thing back to the previous version when you need or if you don’t feel happy with the results you got. The best process for removal is thus try the facial exfoliating scrub for some time so that it can naturally fade the embroidery and then you can visit any laser removal professional who will take care of the full process and will be able to remove the eyebrow embroidery in just one or two sessions. So, don’t worry as nothing is permanent in this world and so is the eyebrow embroidery.

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Best Makeups to Go for

Buying MAC products

mac makeup

M.A.C is known to be a champion among other mid-end excellence mind items stamp on the planet, offering a wide assurance of brilliant cosmetics at particularly sensible expenses. Their lipsticks, for example, keep running between US$16 (S$22) for interminable aggregations and some genius grasped ones, and US$30 (S$40) ordinarily for composed endeavors with renowned originators on their site. Distinctive brands offer for more than triple the cost when their quality may not by any stretch of the imagination be on a standard with M.A.C’s. Clearly, things sold on the standard M.A.C site are only open to clients living in the Americas (you blessed people!). Likewise, to complete it off, their solicitations find the opportunity to be dispatched in vain.

Sadly for the straggling leftovers of us living outside the U.S., we have to rely upon imported things which costs are regularly extended. A US$16 M.A.C. lipstick can cost as much as S$30 here in Singapore. That is $8 more than what I’d pay on Greatly costly, wouldn’t you agree? Furthermore, it decays for things that are looked for after.

Therefore, people started orchestrating gorges to online shops that don’t offer widespread conveyance. In any case, no one would be so moronic to help without expecting anything subsequently, There must be something in it for them. Thusly, some started charging extraordinary exchange rates over a ridiculous managing cost for every thing. It’s so crazy, you might just breeze up paying a few dollars shy of what you would in the retail store. Also, I don’t trust it’s advocated paying little respect to the delay (as fling organizers need to collect demands and setup a meetup event for each one of the buyers).

So after much thought, I accepted that I’m in a perfect circumstance obtaining the things online in solitude. Moreover, I’ve been doing that as far back as making my first U.S. get (it was my M.A.C x Lorde lipstick truly, in the moderately later past) through a load forwarder.

An orgy part and still not influenced to do the switch? Here are some more reasons:


One of the refinements you’ll see instantly at MAC makeup stood out from a reliable store is that you’ll see loads of show, yet there isn’t the thing for you to get when you are expecting to purchase. By and large, you need to request one from the workers there to get you the thing that you like. Regardless, you are permitted to play with all the illustration beautifiers that you like. With respect to eyeshadows, you can continue and swatch an indistinguishable number of eyeshadows from you like. There are refining wipes discovered all around the store so you can clean your hand and begin from the earliest starting point. In case you are looking, basically ask for that a staff part clean the lipstick for you and a while later you can endeavor it on. On the off chance that you’re hunting down concealer or foundation, have a staff part empower you to out with picking the right condition and the right shading for your skin.

Expenses – don’t pressure, MAC demonstrates their expenses. In case you look at the base of the introductions you will see the assessing for all things.

Additionally, their expenses are not over the top. Genuinely, you will pay more than at the drugstore anyway you are moreover acquiring quality things. That infers you will use less of the thing and, thusly, it will last you longer. All things considered, most of my MAC things end up costing me not as much as drugstore things in case you consider to what degree they last.

It’s out and out self-evident, it’s to a great degree not that startling of a place. Make a plunge once and I promise you will never recall! While I was once unnerved to enter those passages, it now requires an impressive measure of effort and encouragement to get me out of the doors.


Mac account – At the enroll, they will approach you for your name to set up a record. You absolutely require. It’s not a concentrations system or anything, but instead they keep on record every thing you buy. That way when you’re swatching an eyeshadow and you can’t precisely remember in case you starting at now have that shade, you can essentially ask for that they discover it and they will tell you paying little respect to whether you’ve gotten it beforehand.

Arrangements – Sadly MAC does not ever have bargains on their beauty care products. They are to some degree like the Apple store, they have an uncommon thing and feel no inspiration to diminish their expenses to drive in surge hour gridlock.

Reuse Program-MAC has a reuse program where if you procure 6 of your empty holders you get the chance to pick either an eyeshadow or lipstick in vain!

Returns-MAC’s landing approach is staggering. At whatever point you buy a thing, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! You can reestablish any thing, it doesn’t have any kind of effect whether it is used. In case you are unsatisfied for any reason at all, essentially bring it back. They won’t look at the thing or approach you for what legitimate reason you are returning it, it’s a no request asked return.