Jewelry Box and Organizer Review

It’s another jewelry box by Songmics. This one quite a different style than I’ve seen before and I thought you might find it interesting, especially if you have jewelry to store. So this is the jewelry box that I’m going to review for you today. It’s kind of a different design. It’s lockable and it’s interesting that it all is contained in one case. It’s got lots of different places for your jewelry and I’m going to go over that and show you some of the different features now.

So here’s a top view of the jewelry box and like I mentioned before, it’s lockable. You just squeeze these two pieces in and then it opens up and they’ve included the keys here. I mean it’s not safe from safe crackers or something, but it does lock and keep it somewhat protected. And let’s see, you can see there is a mirror (and a lovely view of the tripod) and then a lot of very nice small compartments.

If you have a lot of rings or small items there’s plenty of room here. These dividers pop out. As I mentioned in my previous review, when you pop out the dividers it does leave a little bit, I’ll change this light for you, there we go. It does leave a little bit of the cardboard showing on the side, but at least you’re able to move these out and that way you can change the size of, the size of these compartments.

They are very small so if you have a lot of small things that’s great. I’m not 100% certain what these are about. What I think it is is a cushion so you can put something in there and then tuck these in and it will keep it protected if you’re traveling with your jewelry. There’s a little pocket right here to tuck things into and then down on the bottom, I’ll pull that out so you can see it better, there’s two drawers and these are nice. These are for putting special watches or bracelets or something that needs to be wrapped around something to keep its shape. You have two of those.

We can tuck them in here and another drawer. And then this is interesting. There’s a ribbon right here that will help you pop this out and then you have a separate case, which again, it’s almost like a miniature jewelry box. Places for rings, a place to protect something, a little itty bitty mirror and little tiny divided sections that you can pull those out of if you need to.

This is really nice if you’re traveling with just a couple small pieces of jewelry. That’s fantastic or if you just want to keep something special separate in here. See, that’s very nice and that all tucks neatly into that drawer and then there’s this very shallow drawer with bigger compartments, which I have to say for my taste I prefer larger compartments and fewer of them.

I have spent a lot of time organizing in my life and I think it gives you more flexibility. This is funny: as I was first looking at this jewelry box, I’m thinking, “Wow, there’s a lot of wasted space on the sides. Look how thick that is.” And then I said, “Oh”. See those snap and unsnap and now you have a whole other section. These are little metal tabs. You don’t want to bend and unbend those too many times, but you can tuck in a bracelet. You can tuck in the hooks of earrings and then this little pocket down here catches any part that might be too long and protects it. And you have the exact same thing on the other side.

Now I happen to be giving this jewelry box as a gift to someone who I know their taste in jewelry tends to run more towards the delicate and dainty and so I think this will be really ideal for that person who shall not be named in case they’re watching my videos, but I think that they’ll enjoy this. For me, I think I prefer something with bigger compartments like I said, but overall it’s nice. It’s a cardboard base construction, but it seems firm enough and if you’re just going to use it to keep your jewelry stored and neat and tidy, I think it’s a pretty nice jewelry box.

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