Over 50 Makeup Tutorial on CONCEALER

today we’re going to talk about how to wear concealer how to apply it and the very best makeup techniques for women over 50

Applying concealer as a woman over 50 is very different to applying concealer as a young woman for
us it’s all about fresh looking skin covering our imperfections yes but still
creating a look that looks natural and luminous and that’s what we’re going to learn about today I’m going to share my concealer tips class I’m going to share with you the tips that I learned from taking the Rae Morris master class last month.

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so let’s get started tip number one most of us are going to need two
colors for our concealer kit the first color is to be the exactly the same
color as your skin and that color is going to cover things like any bumps or
pimples or scarring or anything that’s raised on the skin and the second color
is a color that’s two shades lighter and that color is going to highlight and
lift and there’s a big difference between these two colors and the reason
we use them and it all makes perfect sense think about it in this way when
you add light to any part of your face or to anything it makes it bigger it
brings it forward okay which is what we want to do to some parts of our face but
think about wearing white swimwear you can be guaranteed for sure for sure that
every single lump and bump in your bottom and in your tummy and everywhere
is going to be magnified and you just know that’s going to happen so most of
us steer away from white as opposed to wearing a black swimsuit and everything
is smoothed out a little bit well the same goes with our face if you’ve got
something raised on your face like a pimple or some little marks or acne
scars if you add a light color highlight or if you add a light color concealer to
that it’s only going to bring it forward and as you move around in the light it’s
going to look the same as your bottom would look in a white swimsuit so we
want to steer away from that so choose a color that’s the exact same color as
your skin tone and then that is going to blend in with your skin and we use a
concealer with a high pigment so it’ll cover our pigmentation and any of those
marks that we want to conceal but we don’t want to bring attention to it I’m
going to show you today this is called derma color by Kryolan and it’s a wax
based concealer and it’s a hundred percent coverage but if you sheer it out
it gives you the most perfect coverage and it will cover any of your spots so
just take the mirror and go over the little spots on your face after you’ve
applied your foundation and anything that foundation hasn’t covered you go on
with a highly pigmented concealer okay so that’s got anything that’s raised
above my skin has been blended in with the same color and the next shade that
we use is going to be one or two shades lighter and its job is to make bring
forward and highlight and get rid of all the red and purple undertones that are
under our eyes around our nose and anything else on your face that’s uneven
keep in mind that as we’re getting older we like to keep it more subtle and more
natural-looking and it’s okay to have little bits of pigment and leave our
little freckles and things like that show through because that’s you that’s
natural and that’s beautiful and even our lines like I showed you with the
foundation video buff out the foundation so that it’s not packed up around your
wrinkles and that’ll really help with minimizing any risk of foundation or
product or concealer in this case settling into your fine lines but this
step I use the Too Faced Born This Way concealer and this one is also very high
pigment a tiny tiny little bit goes very long way and don’t do this because
if the amount of product on here it’s just going to pack it onto your face and
then there’s going to be a very big difference between the natural glow of
your foundation and the heavy highly pigmented concealer and now we’re going
to highlight the parts of our face that we’d like to bring forward and these are
raised tips so first of all you go here in the socket so this part for many of
us says what aging sinks in and what we want to do is add light to it to make it
look like it’s as big as the rest of our face so for you just check where that is
you may not have any sinking but I do right here and in here where your eyes
are very dark now you may have a lot of discoloration around here and if you do
continue putting concealer under here we don’t want to add so much though that
it’s going to be thick and heavy because you’re going to notice that when you
walk out into the Sun and another one of rays tips is stay within the socket part
because when you go out into the light into the daylight all of this is brought
forward so there’s no definition between the hollow and what you’re trying to
bring forward and your cheek which is already forward so the illusion is you
create light around here and then that will come out and join where your cheek
is so the hollow will be diffused also around the nose because we get shadows
here but the shadow is very aging so we can get rid of that and then also here
and the reason we do this part is because we want to bring our chin
forward because as we get older like our Tunes kind of go up like that like an
old lady chin if we didn’t want that and that’s something we can avoid by adding
a little bit of light to bring it forward and Ray told the story of her
friend who’s a plastic surgeon he said that the nose and the
chin like to meet up as we’re getting older they want to get close to each
other so that’s why we do it here fun fact and the other area is here
around the Elevens and she said the reason we do this is
because our foreheads flatten out I’ve had Botox here in the Elevens but I
haven’t up here and I find I’ve got a really big Ridge going down my forehead
so yeah I don’t know if it’s flattened out it’s kind of falling in for me but
anyway this is where she said to put the concealer and you can give this a try
and let me know if you already wear it here and if that works for you so there
you go there’s the points to put your concealer then you go in and you can
either tap it in with your fingers which you’re warming up the product and
tapping it in or you can go over with a Beauty Blender that’s done and really
get that in we don’t want to be able to notice that you’ve got concealer on your
face needs to look flawless and tapping everything in and making sure that it
blends in with all of your other makeup that’s all you need to do use concealer
sparingly as you’re getting older use it only to get rid of those bumps and the
redness and the purple under your eyes and that’s all we need because we don’t
want to mask our face and sometimes concealing particularly the way the
young girls do it with this giant big triangle and it’s kind of like layers
and layers and layers of thick makeup and that doesn’t allow for natural
glowing skin okay so once you’ve done that if you are going to apply a powder
the smallest smallest amount I’m going to use the RCM a colorless powder this
is very very good and you can use your Beauty Blender and
you know only the tiniest amount because you don’t want to add more
layers to where your creases are use a colorless powder because if you’re going
to use powder with color in it the color is going to be more color on top of your
color on top of your color and it takes away from the natural look tiny tiny
tiny little bits and that’s all you need to do a couple of great colors for my
skin color is the NARS 2.5 radiance concealer that’s really good for getting
rid of the red and purple sort of discoloration under my eyes or in this
way two-faced this one’s light beige and get a little
bit of a brightening effect to your color because there’s so many colors you
can choose from so one or two shades lighter that’s a bit brightening and the
curl in is d 51 and also D 56 is a very good color for matching a lot of
people’s skin tones so those are three really good ones to use and my last tip
is if your concealer is creasing a lot use less of it and use a highly
pigmented concealer like these because if your concealer doesn’t have a high
pigment you need a lot more product to get the same coverage so tiny tiny bit
less of it blend out and you’re going to look flawless let me know if you’ve
tried the big triangle effect that all the young girls are doing and let me
know if it worked for you please give a thumbs up

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