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11 Tips to Always Look Stylish

I am sharing 11 tips on how to always look good, how to always look stylish and how to always look put together.

1. Have your hair look styled

Having your hair styled and looking good is a very easy way to make or break your outfit. You can have the cutest outfit but if your hair is like acting a fool, looking a mess, then it really can just change how your outfit looks. What I like to do is because I definitely don’t have time to style my hair everyday nor would I want to because heat is just so bad for your hair. On Sunday I curl my hair or straighten it and I just try to keep it for the whole week. Recently I did an experiment to see how long I could go without washing my hair, see how long I could maintain the style. I actually went 10 days and my hair was still curled. I just try to style my hair once a week and towards the end of the week where my hair is starting to get oilier, I’ll just touch up with some dry shampoo or also doing some updos. The smallest bit of effort to look like you did something to your hair, to make it look like it’s styled or done whether it’s a messy bun, whether it’s just a braid or a ponytail, which can make all the difference from looking a mess to looking put together.

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2. Invest in good undergarments.

This tip is so crucial and I can honestly say that I’ve had this happen to me before. Make sure you have a good bra. If you have an older bra and it’s starting to do the thing with the lines, shows through your outfit, and you’re having spillage, or your bra is too big, it can make you look lumpy and frumpy. Make sure you invest in some good quality bras that look good on you, that feel good on you and look good under your clothes.

 3. The front tuck

The front tuck is literally my best friend. I love doing the front tuck. I do it with almost every single outfit because I just feel like it really changes the appearance of your outfit and it’s just a way to look instantly more chic. I don’t know why such a simple easy thing makes you look more chic, trendier, and more stylish but it just does. The front tuck also makes you look a little taller and a little slimmer because you are getting that extra inch or two of jean space so it’s elongating your legs, making you look tall.

4. Put your outfits together the night before.

This does take a little bit more time and effort but it can really pay off especially if in the mornings you’re on a rush and you never really have time to pick out an outfit or put something together or try multiple outfits on. If you spend just the 5 or 10 minutes the night before picking out your outfit, it will ensure that you never have the awful situation of just throwing on something and then going about your day and realizing that you hate what you’re wearing, you feel uncomfortable, you feel awkward and it’s just not something you like to wear. By picking out your outfit the night before, that will never happen ever again. You will have intentionally chosen your outfit, probably have tried it on, know you liked it and then you go about your day and you don’t have that rush panic mode in the morning and all as well. You are guaranteed to have a well-put-together stylish outfit.

5. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle free

Wrinkled clothes just scream ‘I’m a mess, I just picked this up off the floor, threw it on, I woke up late’. Wearing wrinkled clothes just puts you on that fast track to looking not so stylish. If you are super busy and don’t always have the time to hang up your laundry from the dryer right away or iron your clothes it’s totally cool, neither do I. I hate ironing. Sometimes my clothes sit in the dryer for like 2 or 3 days before I remember that they’re in the dryer. If this is also you, I have two hacks for you. The first hack is to invest in a steamer. I have one and I’ve used it so many times and it comes in so clutch. Sometimes in the morning I’m just in such a rush I didn’t realize that my shirt was wrinkly and now I have to get ready but I don’t have time to iron it. Now that I have this steamer all I do is I turn it on right before I’m about to go brush my teeth and by the time I’m done brushing my teeth the steamer is like ready to start steaming.

I hang up my outfit on the built-in hanger and I just spend like three to five minutes steaming it and once I’m done doing whatever part of my morning routine I need to finish before I leave, my shirt is dry, wrinkle free and looking good. My second hack is for when you’re really, really short on time, you don’t have time to steam or you just don’t have the money to buy a steamer which is also totally fine the hack is to hang your outfit piece on a hanger and put it in the shower while you’re showering. Close the bathroom door, turn up the water temperature to super-hot. The whole bathroom turns into a steam room and your garment unwrinkles itself. The only problem with this is sometimes it gets a little too damp in there and your shirt just gets really damp so if you don’t have time to dry it out, you might end up wearing a damp shirt.

6. Add a jacket or coat and layer

Adding layers to your outfit will always just give a very classy vibe, a very put-together and polished vibe. It makes you look like you’ve really tried with your outfit even if it is just all basics and a nice coat.

7. Wear one expensive-looking piece.

Expensive-looking accessories add all the chicness, all the trendiness to an outfit. Because I like to ball on a budget, I don’t like to break the bank. I just get expensive-looking accessories. I never ever really buy expensive things. I rarely will drop a large amount of money on something unless it’s something I really thought about getting. Unless it’s something I really want and have been saving up for that’s a little different, but otherwise I can’t justify spending like three hundred and fifty dollars on a Gucci belt. I can’t. I don’t have that kind of money so my hack for this is to look for expensive-looking pieces that resemble the timeless pieces that designers put out. Because they’re so timeless and based on basics, that piece will always just look so chic and so classy. For example, the very famous Gucci belt that everybody is wearing right now, I can’t buy that, it’s way too expensive. But I am currently wearing this belt that is very similar in structure and in color and just kind of in style. Even though this belt was nowhere near the price of a Gucci belt, the fact that it is similar in appearance makes me look timeless and classy and makes me look like I have expensive clothes.

8. Wear clothing that fits well

Wearing something that fits well, especially to the point where it looks like it was tailored and made for you, will make you look so good and so stylish. Wearing ill-fitting clothing is just a bad idea for so many reasons. It doesn’t look good, it’s not flattering. What you can do for this one is really analyze not only your body shape and your body type but also your silhouette. I found it very difficult and frustrating at many times to figure out what looks good on you and it’s the worst feeling when you see something cute and you love a certain trend or style and it just doesn’t look good on you. Just face those facts and find something that looks even better and slay with them.

9. Use those accessories

Adding accessories to an outfit will just truly level up your outfit. When I say accessorize, I don’t just mean like earrings and a necklace, I mean accessorize with like sunglasses, belts, hats, scarves. There is so much variety when it comes to accessorizing. You just have to play around with what looks good with you, what looks good with your outfit and have some fun.

10. Basics ain’t basic.

When all else fails, when you just cannot come up with an outfit, if you were just stuck and you can’t create anything or put anything together and everything just looks bad, when in doubt wear basics. Try all black or all white or wearing an all basics outfit. Quick example – a denim jacket, a white t-shirt, black jeans and black boots. Front tuck the shirt, add a necklace, add some earrings, maybe a scarf and boom, you have an effortless looking stylish outfit.

11. Wear what feels comfortable and what you feel comfortable in

Make sure that whatever you wear not only feels comfortable, like physically feels comfortable, but you also feel comfortable in it. It is the worst thing to wear something just because it’s stylish or trendy and then you feel insecure or not confident because it’s not something you would typically wear or it makes you feel self-conscious. You definitely don’t want that.

Confidence is like 50% of an outfit. You can look busted but if you are working it, if you are selling it then it looks like you intentionally look busted. If you don’t feel comfortable in something, don’t wear it. If you don’t feel confident in something, don’t wear it. Wear things that you look good in, you feel good in.

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