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Ordering Clothes that FIT

Ordering Clothes that FIT

We’re gonna talk about how to properly measure yourself an order clothes online. I know shopping online can be difficult but being able to measure yourself correctly and understand size guides can really help you get clothes that fit.

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The most important thing to know is your bust waist and hip measurements because this is what almost any size guide will use so to take your bust measurement. You first want to wear this style of bra that you typically wear or that you will be wearing under the kind of item you’re buying you want to take your bust measurement at the fullest part of your bust and you should be at a neutral breathing position so not breathing really in or really out you also want to make sure the tape measure is straight across your front sides and back.

It’s helpful to stand in front of a mirror or have somebody help you and you want to make sure the tape measure is snug but not pressing in next is your waist measurement. That should be taken at your narrowest part again it’s really important to be in a neutral position so not sucking in or anything and make sure the tape is straight across the final measurement is your hips.

You want to take this at the fullest part again making sure it’s straight across and snug but not pressing in at all so now that you have your three measurements you can compare them to the brand size chart which will give you a range of measurements to determine what size or sizes you fit into.

You might find you fit into different sizes for different areas so then it’s important to look into the sizes that matter most for the kind of garment you’re ordering so for example if you have a small bust but you’re a medium and the hips and you’re ordering pants obviously the bust measurement doesn’t really matter and it’s important to look at your waist and hip measurements.

Let’s say you’re ordering a fitted dress and you’re a small bust but a medium hips now you always want to order garments to fit the widest part of you because it’s generally pretty easy to take things in but if a piece is too tight there’s usually not a lot of options you should also look at where you are in the size range so for example if you’re one size at your bust and waist but you’re a size up at your hips but right at the edge of that size range you’re probably still okay sizing down unless it’s a super tailored garment.

Depending on the style of the garment different measurements are gonna be more or less important and you always want to look at where it is the most fitted and that’s the most important measurement to get the fit right. For example if you’re ordering a dress that has a really fitted bodice but a flowy skirt your bust and waist measurements are going to be very important but your hip measurements won’t be as important because there will be a lot of room in the skirt so you’ll always want to consider the fit of the garment when determining what size you’ll need and it’s also a good idea to look and see if the garment has any spandex or stretch.

Because especially if you’re between sizes having some stretch in the fabric will give you more flexibility it’s also a really good idea to read through the comments in the description and see if there’s anything about the item fitting small or large additionally if you have a specific fit issue so maybe shoulders are usually too tight or sleeves are too short you can try contacting the brand and getting that exact measurement so maybe the sleeve length of the garment and that will help when you’re ordering now although measuring yourself correctly and considering the fit of the garment can definitely help you get the right size sometimes things are just not going to fit so it’s always a good idea to look into brands return policies and if you’re worried stick with materials that have some stretch or Jersey knits because they offer a lot more flexibility with fit so now something that has always bothered me is the standardized sizing used in fashion.

It can be very difficult and cost a lot of money for brands to do different sizing because of the work and resources needed to survey people and develop new fits so I had this idea to create a new standard and show slow fashion brands the kind of sizes needed and help them with some of the legwork of developing fits but this only works with your help.

I think this is something really needed I am tired of seeing conscious brands come up with the same very limited sizing and is also really disappointing how many times I hear from people that they want to shop consciously but they can’t find their sizes or that they want to order things online but they have so many fit issues because their body type it’s completely ridiculous that fashion is essentially still only being made for one body shape.

I think together we can change that and we can give brands data about what sizes and body types conscious consumers.